Why Choose Iwosan Lagoon Hospitals?

We are a consistently patient-first, world-class healthcare service provider and the leading private tertiary care organization in Nigeria. We operate a collegiate model of multi-disciplinary care and this bolsters the efficiency of highly specialized services delivered to each patient at all departments. 

Introducing Iwosan Wellness Centre

At Iwosan Wellness, we believe that true wellness is a harmonious balance of physical, mental and emotional health. That’s why we are here to provide you with comprehensive wellness assessments and a wide range of lifestyle services designed to empower you on your journey to optimal health and wellness. 

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Iwosan Lagoon Hospitals, Ikoyi

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Iwosan Lagoon Hospitals, Victoria Island

Valuable Feedback from our Patients

I have been to quite a few hospital's in Lagos, but Lagoon Hospitals, Apapa beats them all. The automation of medical procedures and records, and the professionalism displayed from gate man to security guard to front office staff to cleaner to the doctors is far above the rest. Please keep up the good work, as excellence has no peak, there is always room for improvement. The facility was quite clean too.

Tope Bell

I had a very nice experience at Lagoon, Ikoyi today Saturday Sept 10. Arrived the reception 9:25am with about 9 people waiting at the front desk with 3 front desk officers. Within few minutes of standing a lady probably the head of the customer services approached 2 of us standing and took us to another counter. .....I was out of the hospital in less than 1 hour. Completed Vital, ECG and saw a cardiologist and got booked to return in 3 months for review. Bravo Lagoon, Ikoyi

Aina Olubisi

It's a wonderful place to get well if you are medically challenged. They have a wonderful team of varying specialties. Our interactions with the nurses was excellent as we had a pleasant experience with about 85% of them. They need to work on zapping flies and mosquitoes though. We were scared of getting malaria while on admission. The maintenance team needs to work on their response time to complaints. The wash hand basin wasn't working in our room and remained like that throughout our stay even after several reminders. The security team was helpful. All in all it was a great experience.

Ocuville Eye Center

Quick service, polite staff, fairly adequate parking and good doctors.not had any emergency but I know they have ambulance service and are swift to attend to patients. There are some instances of mixups as per appointments but these are quickly cleared up. So far so good..

Temitope “Tajmao” Omamegbe

I love their services, I don't what other people are saying but I know this hospital is the best, the staffs are friendly and caring, their competent in all ramifications,. God used this hospital to safe my life and their good in what they do thank you.

Joy Moses