Breast Cancer Awareness Walk 2023

Lagos, we did it!

Our Breast Cancer Awareness Walk was a resounding success across the island and the mainland. We kicked off the procession from our Ikeja and Ikoyi facilities and remained united in our goal to enlighten the general public and raise awareness on Breast Cancer in our community. We were also delighted to meet with another Breast Cancer Support Group anchored by NYSC contingents during their own procession.

Many thanks to all our staff and well-wishers for supporting the walk and for showing us that there’s truly strength in numbers.

We also appreciate our sponsors Nestle & Indomie Nigeria for keeping us refreshed. Thank you Eko Lastma for smoothly and effectively coordinating the flow of traffic.

With every step, we’re one step closer to early detection, improved treatment, and saving the lives of breast cancer victims.

We will look after you.

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