Radiology Services

Radiology involves much more than simple x-rays to diagnose conditions. At Lagoon Hospitals, we use the latest high-tech systems for medical imaging, including our advanced 64-slice CT scan.

Our radiologists are available around the clock to review studies – either on-site or from remote locations.

Our radiographers are well-trained employees that deliver efficient compassionate care, and totally dedicated to the safety and comfort of our patients as they undergo diagnostic radiology services.

We offer a broad array of inpatient and outpatient radiology services –

Traditional radiography, which produces the familiar x-ray film, is still the most frequently used form of diagnostic imaging. Lagoon Hospitals provide a wide range of routine x-ray services including chest, spine, extremity, head, and abdomen imaging.

CT Scan
Computed Tomography (also known as CT Scan) provides head-to-toe images of the body, and provides speedy, one-second helical scans, minimizing the amount of time for our patients.

The advanced 64-slice CT Scanner available at Lagoon Hospitals can take 64 images per revolution. This creates a clear, thorough image of the body, providing a faster, more accurate diagnosis.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, or MRI, is used to diagnose conditions affecting soft tissues in the body such as the muscles and nerves in backs and necks. Our MRI Unit is open for service Monday through Friday, so you can have your MRI scan done conveniently.

Breast Imaging
We employ mammography and ultrasound for breast imaging. Our mammography machines at Lagoon Hospitals are used both for screening and diagnostic purposes. Ultrasound exams help physicians obtain a more detailed view of a particular region of the breast.

An obstetrical ultrasound exam looks at a woman’s uterus and ovaries, and at the fetus. The ultrasound equipment at Lagoon Hospitals automatically calculates all important measurements related to the development of your baby before birth. This equipment is also used for abdominal ultrasound exams not related to pregnancy.

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