Critical Care

Critical Care Units areas within Lagoon Hospitals are specially staffed, equipped and designed to closely monitor and treat patients with life-threatening conditions. Life-threatening conditions may include patients needing critical care attention because one or more of their body systems, such as their heart, lung or kidneys, are not working properly.

Some of the cases we handle include organ failure, road traffic accidents, head injury, burns, severe infections, renal failure and heart failure.

Our physicians work as part of a multidisciplinary team to manage complex conditions faced by patients in Intensive Care Units (ICU). Our mission is to provide outstanding care for critically ill patients, and our team delivers high-quality and personalized care by making priority communication between multiple specialists including Intensivists, Registered Nurses, and Anesthesiologists. We also work to include patients and their families throughout the care process, ensuring a more complete understanding of care.

Nursing care is provided by experienced and dedicated nurses who are trained and certified to work with critically ill patients. Because our patients are often very unwell, they will have much greater care needs than those patients being cared for on more general wards within the hospital. For this reason, each nurse will care for one patient only at a time and patients will be reviewed by different teams regularly.

The Critical Care Service includes:

  • Intensive Care Unit: Patients in intensive care are often very sick and require very close monitoring, with 1:1 nursing.
  • High Dependency Unit: Patients in high dependency units (HDU) are often not as sick as those in ICU but still need close monitoring and treatments that cannot be provided in the general ward.

Our patients are admitted to ICU/HDU from the emergency department, theatres, wards or other departments in the hospital and sometimes from other hospitals.

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