Our Health Assessment Centre is a unit at the Lagoon Hospitals. The focus of the clinic is on preventive care.

Our services are medical screenings, aimed at detecting problems that are pre-disposed to particular age groups, gender, lifestyle, and occupation. The early detection thus offers the opportunity to treat the problems whilst they are amenable to treatment, medical advice and less invasive to carry out, we are pleased that increasing numbers of clients are opting to find out their levels of health and fitness so that they can avoid ill-health now and in later years.
HAC is for everyone from business executives to stressed mothers, from co-health workers, factory workers, hotel staff and dock workers to members of the family, in all age groups.

The clinic addresses lifestyle choices and implications and tackles some of the most common causes of health problems so that you can avoid them or reduce their impact. This includes detecting such illnesses as diabetes, heart disease, asthma, hypertension (which can lead to strokes and heart disease), breast, cervical, prostate and other cancers and discussing positive life and behaviour choices and changes.

The various packages available are:

  • Pre-employment Medical Examination (designed to suit various Organisational needs)
  • Executive and Comprehensive Health Screening
  • Master Health Check
  • Well-woman Health Screening
  • Heart Check
  • Food Handlers Test
  • Domestic Health Check
  • Pre – Nuptial Check
  • Diabetic Check

We take very seriously children’s health and have a programme of inoculations for the family. Health advice, prevention, and treatment are available for malaria, gastrointestinal infections, TB and other diseases, and we help to promote good general hygiene practices in the home and at work.
We work with clients to plan for a longer, more comfortable life and good health.