Our Message

At Lagoon Hospitals, we remain committed to clinical excellence and patient care, which is our driving force in the improvement of human life.

This forms a big part of our motivation,  striving to deliver quality, cost-effective healthcare to the people we serve.

Our Mission is to assist our client to restore and sustain their well being.

To be the first choice for healthcare solutions of international standards in Nigeria.

This is encapsulated in the Group’s Integrated Healthcare Delivery Strategy which has given Lagoon Hospitals the unparalleled advantage of delivering quality healthcare programmes to all sectors of the Nigerian populace.

Five values guide our every processes and deliverable to our patients. These are our strong, concise, and meaningful values that form the foundation for everything that happens in our Hospitals. These values are integrated into everything we do in the hospital.  These values build up Lagoon Hospitals Core Values I-CARE.

INTEGRITY            As a hospital, we pride ourselves on our honesty and strong moral principles

COMPASSION       We place value on the quality of presence and care that accepts people as they are, treating individuals,  their families, and colleagues with empathy, honesty and openness.

ATTENTIVENESS  We hold ourselves responsive to the physical and emotional needs of patients and their families.

RESPECT               We treat each individual with caring consideration and recognize the different perspectives each one brings.

EXCELLENCE        We deliver the highest quality of care and standards through continuous focus on improvement, innovation and education.

At Lagoon Hospitals, we pledge to:

  •   Provide the quality of care you expect of us, based on your health needs
  •   Warmly respect you and your family in a welcoming and sincere manner
  •   Treat you as a person, not just a patient, with dignity and respect at all times
  •   Communicate your health information in a manner clearly understood to enable appropriate decisions taken
  •   Respect your personal space and preserve your modesty and privacy at all times
  •   Often ask about your pain level and work to keep you as comfortable as possible
  •   Continue to strive hard to ensure we stay at the forefront of world-class private healthcare.

Our Doctors