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Yes, you can book an appointment here

We run specialist clinics on different days of the week. Our outpatient services are available on all working days.

If you are ill, you can walk into the closest Lagoon Hospital facility to you and request to see a doctor.

You can access the hospital as a private patient, through an HMO or on a retainer. Click here for more info.

All Medical Consultants are full-time employees of the hospital and run clinics on the indicated day. Please see here

Any complaints in the odd hours are first attended to by the resident doctors and, depending upon the case, the respective consultants are called in to attend to the patients

Lagoon Hospitals offer the complete range of medical and surgical specialties under one roof, with highly experienced doctors, state-of-the-art infrastructure and diagnostic services.

Yes, patients are required to pay a deposit as per the category of the bed at the time of admission. In case of a surgery or a procedure, a deposit amount has to be made with the hospital before the surgery.


Patients can make payment for health services by cash, debit or credit cards.


Attendants need to vacate the room if the patient is shifted to an ICU.

Yes, we have an ambulance service round-the-clock.


Your consultant will make an entry for discharge on your case sheet. After this, the resident doctors prepare the discharge card. Then the file is sent to the IP reception for clearance, after which the final bill is prepared, taking into account all the deposits. When the final bill is ready, payment has to be made at the admission counter. This procedure may take 2-3 hours.

We provide complimentary food for the patient from the hospital kitchen. Attendants need to make their own arrangements or eat in the cafeteria.

Transfer to a higher category is based on the availability of beds. The rates of the higher category transferred to will be applicable from the date of the transfer. For surgical procedures, investigations and other diagnostics you will be charged as per the higher category rate only, from the date of admission.

In the case of packages, for transfer to a higher category, the total difference in the package charge has to be paid before the transfer.

Billing is done on a 24-hour basis.

All the medicines and consumables are provided by the hospital pharmacy only.

Yes, telephone connections are provided in all the wards and rooms to facilitate communication.


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