We are dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical problems for both adults and adolescent. We take admissions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a focus on supporting you to improve and sustain your physical health and wellbeing.

Our Patient Customer Services Team is available to speak with you if you wish to discuss your individual health needs. They will be able to make recommendations regarding appropriate consultants and physicians to see, as well as advising you about the various treatment programmes available at the hospital.

Please see below different options to access Lagoon Hospitals as a patient:

You can access Lagoon Hospitals in 4 different ways:

Accessing Lagoon Hospitals as a corporate patient will require your company registered with the hospital on a retainership basis.

A retainer agreement occurs between a company and Lagoon Hospitals whereby the patient pays an annual or monthly fee or retainer. In exchange for the retainer, the hospital provides enhanced care, ensures adequate time and availability for each patient.

For enquiries on the retainership registration, please click HERE

Lagoon Hospitals is in partnership with a number of Health Insurance companies, both local and international. This means you can access services in our facilities, and bills will be forwarded to the Health Insurance for payment.

However, you will need to confirm with your HMO what your health plan is covered for.

For international insurances, we would require a Guarantee of Payment from your insurance.

As a private patient, you can walk into any Lagoon Hospital facility to see a doctor. We operate a booking system, so a member of our PCS Team will make a booking for you for the next available appointment for the doctor you wish to consult with.

You can make your booking yourself HERE

We receive referrals from other clinicians within and outside Lagos, Nigeria. Referrals can either be by referral letters or via the appointment desk of the Lagoon Hospitals facilities.

We receive referrals for specialists consultations on secondary and tertiary care. When we receive a request to see a patient, a booking is made for the next clinic day, except in the case of an emergency.

To submit a referral, please click HERE to download the referral form. We do not accept paper, fax or telephone referrals. Referrals are expected to come along to Lagoon Hospitals with the form fully filled, and signed by the referring doctor.

Referrals enquiries can be made through our Business Development Team, via email to